1. Out of sight, out of mind

Out of Sight, Out of Mind project.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind byPitch Interactive team

2. The Joy of Stats veja aqui Gapminder Foundation.3. England riots

The Guardian used Fusion Tables to design the map of the riots
The Guardian map of the riots
map that is considered a classic in data journalism.

4. Mapping the Human ‘Diseasome’

"Mapping the human diseasome" explains a complex issue stablishing relationshipsData visualisation  The New York Times map

5. Home and Away

The colours of the visualization wanted to increase the feeling of sobriety.

CNN “Home and Away“ interactive visualisationblog

6. Science Isn’t Broken

Fivethirtyeight challenged the reader to be a social scientist.

7. The Refugee Project

The project shows the impact of refugee crisis around the world

The Refugee ProjectHyperakt project UNHCR Refugee Data & UN Population Data.


8. How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts

The New York Times used a line chart with multiple elements to show the recession effects
The New York Times a wide range of charts